Jeremy V, Founder/owner; VeloFuze Cycling Products

 I was a child of the 80’s. Before the internet or cell phones. (I know, hard to imagine, right?) These were the golden years where my favorite thing to do was hop on my bike and cruise around with my neighborhood friends. It was there, in Hillsdale, MI that my passion for bikes was born. Fast forward to 1990, in Flagstaff, AZ, where I was preparing for a road bike race the following day, when disaster struck. A mad crash that resulted in a destroyed wheel threatened to pull me from the race. I wasn’t going to let that stop me, though. With a single spoke wrench and a spare rim, I set out to build my first wheel by the light of a nearby campfire. I rode that wheel to a 2nd place finish the next day. I attribute my success to a little bit of luck and lots of hard work. It’s that hard work (and a heap of passion) that made me pursue my own wheel building business in Chandler, AZ in the early 2000’s. Building wheels is an art form that many take for granted. The wheel building business started as a service for local area riders that quickly grew. I built and serviced wheels from riders across the United States and even as far away as Canada and Mexico.

“Building wheels is an art form. Success isn’t measured by when the wheel was built, but how many miles will it travel.” 

The story behind VeloFuze.

VeloFuze was born (circa 2011) of simple necessity. As cyclists ourselves, we are acutely aware of the challenges that face casual and competitive riders alike. Our innovative team works to provide solutions to the many issues cyclist experience while adapting to the ever-changing technology in the cycling Industry.

From our thru axle adapters to QR adapters allow you to install Thru Axle wheels on traditional frames and forks that have Quick Release dropouts. Our Boost Hub Adapters offer a high quality, inexpensive way to adapt to boost spaced frames and forks. Our tubeless tire sealants far exceed expectations for performance and reliability. We manufacturer high quality but not at high cost. All manufacturing is performed in house or with reputable 3rd party manufacturers. 100% of our Quality Control is in house. We check every dimension, on every part, 100% of the time. This dedication to quality sets us apart from others in the industry. The future of VeloFuze is bright and we remain committed to creating solutions in an industry that changes almost as frequently as the seasons.

The only question that matters…will join us?

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Happy Riding! Jeremy V.