20mm Boost Rotor Spacer
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Price: $15.99
Product ID : VF42
Manufacturer: VeloFuze
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Min/Max Order: 1 / 50


20mm Thru Axle Boost Forks are being offered by many fork manufacturers. The difference between a non-boost 20mm Thru Axle Fork and a Boost 20mm Thru Axle Fork is the disc rotor mounts. The boosted 20mm Thru Axle fork’s disc rotor mounts are moved 5mm outward to accept a 20mm Boost Hub that have the wider hub flanges. The wider hub flanges position the rotor 5mm outward. This 5mm rotor spacer will allow you to install your 20mm Non-Boost Hub/Wheel on your new 20mm Thru Axle Boosted Fork. The rotor spacer includes (6) T25 rotor longer rotor bolts. This adapter is not recommended for rotors over 180mm.


If you have a new 20mm Boost Hub/Wheel and want to run that on an older 20mm Non-Boost fork, you will need our 5mm Offset Disc Rotor Mount located here. This offset adapter will allow you to run your new 20mm Thru Axle Boost wheel on an older 20mm Non-boosted fork.